is he Randy ?

why is he Randy ?

Brandy is now hot and back again. From Natural grapes, Randy Andy is pot distilled in order to obtain a more delicate alcohol which is then double barrel aged in Bourbon then French oak barrels to obtain this complex yet innovating brandy. Take a further look to understand why our Randy Andy is hot and randy.

he likes to drink
Randy Andy

how he likes to drink Randy Andy

Either classic or adventurous:
Classic : on the rocks or with best Tonic or ginger ale (Fever Tree)
Adventurous : look at our recommendations

Sidecar cocktail

  • Main alcohol : Brandy
    Ingredients :
    – 2 oz Randy Andy Brandy
    – 3/4 oz Lemon juice
    – 3/4 oz Triple sec


• For all ingredients into cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake well and strain into cocktail glass.
• Served : Straight up (without ice)
• Drinkware : Cocktail glass

he likes to go out

where he likes to go out

As Andy loves eating, partying or just having a good time, find our latest recommendations for which we take no responsibility, but we did have a randy of time !

A drink in the Art Deco lounge of the Maritime Hotel on 363 West 16th Street NYC, 10011.

does he like to listen to?

what does he like to listen to?

Like our drink recommendations, we can either be “classic or adventurous” but we always look for soul or emotion. Listen to our current randy recommendations

does he like to listen to?

he likes to travel

where he likes to travel

While searching for the best spirits, we see a lot of the world : sometimes the weirdest, most often surprising but never a disappointment. Take a look at our “randiest” places.

Walking through Colaba, Mumbai Sunday afternoon to understand India and Indians without talking about night life.